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(The Patriot Edda) 

President/Partner/Publisher Americas Tribune

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Matthew S Simmons, also known as The Patriot Edda, was born in Houston Texas.


I spent a lot of my time growing up going back and forth between Texas and Virginia Beach, VA. Texas is where I call home. I currently reside in WV by choice. After retiring from the United States Army back in 2015. I chose to stay in West Virginia so that I could focus on being a father to an amazing little girl.

I joined the Army as a 19D Cavalry Scout in September of 2005. After graduating from OSUT (One station unit training) at Fort Knox Kentucky, I flew to my first duty station in Schweinfurt, Germany. Initially I was assigned to B Troop 1-4 Cavalry 1st Infantry Division. Where I attended Airborne school in 2006. Later that year we reflagged to B Troop 1-91 Cavalry 173rd Airborne.

Where I did 2 combat tours to Afghanistan for a total of 26 months in combat. Camp Keating 2007-2008 Nuristan Province, Afghanistan. Famous for the book and movie The Outpost. Where I earned my first of 2 medals for valor. Then COP Charkh Logar Province Afghanistan in 2009-2010. Where I earned my 2nd of 2 medals for valor.

After returning from Afghanistan, I was DA selected to be an Active-Duty Army Recruiter in West Virginia. Where I hang my spurs today. I spent 4 Years recruiting for 1st Recruiting Brigade Beckly Recruiting BN. I had my first and only child here in WV back in 2014. By 2015 I was medically retired from the United States Army for injuries sustained during my time in service.

Which is when I really took the opportunity to dive into the political realm unchained. I spent the next few years being actively engaged in the patriot community. Where I ended up as one of the founding members and National Leader of Three Percent Republic. After a few years of actively attending counter protests and armed rallies against BLM and Antifa, I decided to leave the patriot community due to the false dichotomy, echo chambers, platitudes and cult mentality. And now I actively speak out against them.

I've also spent my years attending college online and in person at Fairmont State University. Studying multiple things over the years to include Criminal Justice, Process Technology and Constitutional Law as a hobby.

And now this is where I join you today. Just another disgruntled patriot and father trying to make it in a world that is burning around us. I'm a staunch constitutionalist and Patriot. It's time to end the false dichotomy of party politics and start taking back our Republic!!!

I hope this website and my social media pages help achieve that. 

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